College Application Process

  1. You send ACT/SAT to colleges and NCAA as needed. If you still need to take a standardized test, schedule it ASAP. Please visit and for test dates and other important information.
  2. You apply!
  3. You pay for transcripts in the Finance Office.
  4. You add colleges (and whether they are Common App) on Naviance. (While you're there check the status of teacher recommendations and speak to your teachers as needed.)
  5. You staple the receipt for transcripts to the transcript request document and provide the completed form with stapled receipt to the Guidance Director directly. NOT leave it on the front desk or slide it under a door! (*If forms are not given to Guidance, they may not be processed.)
  6. You wait two weeks and then contact the college to make sure all materials have been received. Remember: we do not send SAT/ACT scores.

Quick Steps for Applying for College


  • We process your request within ten days. You must provide 10 school days for processing. Once that time has passed, feel free to check in to assure completion of your request.
  • No one should complete a transcript request form until they have completed all applications for which they are requesting transcripts.
  • You can apply before taking the ACT/SAT, but should schedule your ACT/SAT before you complete the application. If you have already taken your ACT/SAT you should send those scores as soon as possible because it can take weeks to months for those scores to be received by colleges.
  • If you are a student athlete, and plan to play in college, you must send your ACT/SAT scores to the NCAA in order to register.
  • Those thinking about entering the world of work or of attending community college before applying to a four year institution should still apply to at least 1-3 colleges in order to practice the process. In truth, the college application process is a valuable learning experience, many may find the social college experience is best when you begin at the institution granting your degree, some graduate programs look more favorably upon those with only four year degree granting institutions on their resume, financial aid is minimal in community college, and you may be surprised to see the scholarships and grants for which you may qualify. Please discuss your community college plans with your counselor before you decide not to apply elsewhere.
  • Students who feel they must study at community college before transferring to a four year institution should get acquainted with the transfer agreements at their chosen institutions, should obtain paper copies of recommendations at the end of the school year (in sealed envelopes), and should take the ACT/SAT as they may be required to do so later on anyway.

College Planning

Naviance: (CEC's zip code is 19030)
College Board: (Click College Search)
College Score Card:

Career Exploration


Financial Aid Resources

Scholarship Opportunities:

Feasterville Rotary Scholarship Application
Class of 2018 and Class of 2019: Scholarship Application for Miss Irish of Bucks County

Contact the Counseling Center

Jenny Diamond
Contact Mrs. Jenny Diamond, Director of Counseling, with any questions.
215-945-6200 Ext. 412

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