Counseling Center

The primary mission of the Counseling Center at Conwell-Egan Catholic High School is to facilitate the maximum development of each student. The services offered are concerned with identity, maturity, problem-solving, conflict resolution, decision making, academic excellence, and college and career choices.

Counselors are available throughout the day to meet with students. You may make an appointment to see a counselor by filling out a form in the Guidance office (Room 107).

Counseling Department

Mrs. Jenny Diamond
Director of Counseling
215-945-6200 ext. 424

School Counselors

Freshmen and Sophomores M-Z Mr. Paul Jones
(215)-945-6200 Ext.414

Freshmen and Sophomores A-L - Mrs. Tammy Butts
215-945-6200 Ext. 412

Seniors and Juniors M-Z - Stacey Powell
215-945-6200 ext. 413

Seniors and Juniors A-L- Mrs. Jenny Diamond
215-945-6200 Ext. 424

Counseling Services

Academic Counseling assists you in making responsible decisions regarding course selections. Counselors interview students who are not achieving their full academic potential in order to assist them. If a student experiences an issue in a particular class, it is the policy of the School Counseling Office that the student, his/her parent, or his/her guardian make contact with the teacher directly to attempt to resolve the issue. If this proves ineffective at resolving the issue the principal is to be contacted along with the school counselor.

In addition to the general academic counseling support offered by the department, Catapult Learning offers academic assistance in mathematics, study strategies, and general academic performance. To inquire about or utilize these services please contact the Director of School Counseling and reference the Catapult Learning Service that interests you.

Career Counseling provides information regarding career exploration. Counselors also help students make responsible decisions regarding vocational choices. Students can access career interest inventories on Naviance and discuss results with their counselors.

College Counseling provides information regarding college entrance requirements and sources of financial aid. A Financial Aid Evening is offered to parents prior to their completing the required financial aid forms for state and federal monies.

Naviance: Conwell-Egan Catholic High School uses the Naviance College and Career Readiness System for our college application process and career exploration work. To register, visit For more information, please contact the Guidance office.

Personal Counseling is available to help you gain better self-awareness. Personal counseling objectives are effective self-confidence, decision-making, problem-solving, goal setting, and human relations skills. School counselors (school and intermediate unit) and the school minister provide these services.

Contact the Counseling Center

Jenny Diamond
Contact Mrs. Jenny Diamond, Director of Counseling, with any questions.
215-945-6200 Ext. 412
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