CEC Connects with Students in Uganda

Today, 30 Conwell-Egan Catholic students had the amazing opportunity to engage in a 40-minute video conference with high school students at Pope John Paul II in Uganda.  Uganda, located in the eastern part of Africa, is over 8,000 miles from CEC. Students at both schools began the conference by praying the Our Father together. Students then took turns asking and answering questions of each other.  The questions were related to education, culture, and daily life. Students commented after the conference that they were surprised to find out the many similarities they share with one another and wished they could have spent more time with their new friends in Uganda.  In the words of CEC Senior Delaney Lindberg, “This was an experience I will never forget.”  

CEC students had previously learned about Pope John Paul II high school through a local Bucks County charity, Building a Bridge to Uganda (www.bridgetouganda.org), that is engaged in several mission projects in Uganda.  Mr. Edward Lawrence, a retired Archdiocese of Philadelphia high school Theology teacher, and founder of a prayer intentions website, PrayersUnitetheWorld.org, was also instrumental in making the valuable learning experience possible.

CEC plans to schedule more conferences with the students at Pope John Paul II and continues to explore ways to connect with more students around the world!

CEC Connects with Students in Uganda

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