CEC Student Shines in BCCC Youth Workforce Development Program

One of the most impact success stories to come from the CSL this year is the work that our students have done and the partnership we have been able to make with the Bucks County Community College Youth Workforce Development Program. 

This program assists eligible 12th graders in the transition from H.S. to college/the workforce & provides skills training, paid work experiences, the chance to earn certifications and safety credentials, and more! Bishop Egan, Bishop Conwell, and Conwell-Egan Catholic have made an incredible mark on the local economy with their success in various trades and technical fields. In keeping with our mission of making a more knowledgable, more motivated, and more career-ready student, the Center for Student Leadership will continue to deliver these types of experiences to students interested in trades and other related fields. 

Today we highlight Connor Sweeney. Connor started the the Bucks Workforce Development Program in early January and spent the entire semester with Bucks Workforce instructors preparing him for a career in HVAC. In addition to classroom and field trip exposure, Connor EARNED his OSHA workplace safety credentials, Forklift and warehouse training, his American Red Cross Adult First Aide/AED CPR certification, and more. 

Connor has started a paid internship experience at Allied Electric, and has recieved offers to continue working post graduation. Congratulations to Connor and thank you to Christine Harvie and all who are involved over at Bucks County Community College who made us part of such a great opportunity. 

CEC Student Shines in BCCC Youth Workforce Development Program

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