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The Conwell-Egan Catholic High School community centers itself around three core values: Character, Excellence, and Commitment. With a focus on these core values, our Handbook strives to create a culture of respect and accountability while cultivating leaders, inspiring scholars, and serving God.

All consequences for infractions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and all disciplinary decisions will be made at the discretion of the Conwell-Egan Catholic administration.



If your age is going to be absent or late, please refrain from emailing any staff member to report that information.  All absences or latenesses must be called into the absentee line (ext. 440).  Calls must be made to the absentee line by 9:00 am.

Calls can be made the night prior to the student's absence.

If your child is late to school or absent due to a doctor's appointment, a doctor's note must be brought to the Office for Student Life upon his/her return to school. The note should state that the student was seen by the doctor. CEC will not excuse an absence or tardiness without an official doctor's note for that specific date. Doctor's notes will not be accepted retroactively. The same process goes for court appearances.


If your child will be arriving late to school for any reason, please notify the Office for Student Life by filling out the following form: Late Arrival Form. Students must report to the Office for Student Life upon arrival.

If your child is leaving school early for an appointment, he or she must submit an early dismissal form to the Office for Student Life before 7:30 am on the day of the planned early dismissal. Upon arrival at the school, the student should report to the Student Life Office for an Early Dismissal form. No early dismissal forms will be accepted after 7:30 am.

If a student requires early dismissal, and an early dismissal form was not submitted by 7:30am, a parent/guardian is required to sign-out the student in person in the Main Office, even if the student drives to school. Photo ID is required. CEC enforces this with your child's best interest and safety in mind.

Students with an early dismissal should go to their locker to retrieve their belongings and then leave the school building immediately.

Students waiting for transportation home may wait in the main lobby for their ride. Students may not remain in any other part of the school building without the direct supervision of a moderator or coach. No student should be in the hallways after 2:30 pm, for any reason. This constitutes loitering/being out-of-bounds and will result in disciplinary action. At the conclusion of after school sports and activities, students should be picked up at the back entrance of the school.


If a student is to be absent for an extended period, the parents are required to inform the Assistant Principal for Student Life, at least one week prior, of the nature of the absence and the estimated length of the absence. Students should also inform their teachers in a timely manner so that arrangements can be made to stay on top of missed classwork.


The following are considered excused, one-day absences:

  • Required court appearance
    • Day of court visit only;
    • Official court documentation must be brought to the Office for Student Life upon return to school
  • College visit (two college visits only), only if the following guidelines are met:
    • Student must be in at least their second semester of 11th grade;
    • Student must notify the Assistant Principal for Student Life at least one week prior to the visit;
    • Upon return, the student must present a college/university-certified verification of the visit.
  • Death of immediate family member (5 days excused)
    • Day of funeral only (for extended family such as an aunt, uncle, cousin, etc.)
    • Parent/Guardian note must be presented upon return to school for the absence to be recorded as "excused"

Students who are not present for 5 full class periods may not participate in after-school activities on that day; i.e. athletic events, dances, Prom*, Spirit Night, etc.

*If a student is attending the prom of a different graduating class, he/she must be present from 7:30 am until the end of his/her last scheduled class period for that day. Students who are not present for the full school day will not be permitted into the prom that evening.


Perfect Attendance Certificates will be issued only to graduating seniors, who for twelve (12) years, have ALL of the following:

  • NO absences (excused or unexcused)
  • NO lateness (excused or unexcused)
  • NO early dismissals (excused or unexcused)
  • Exceptions will be made for students with a death in their immediate family



The warning bell rings at 7:20 AM and first period or homeroom (depending on the day) begins at 7:30 AM. Students not in their classroom when the 7:30 AM bell rings are considered late for school and must obtain a late pass from the Office for Student Life before reporting to first period/homeroom.

Lateness for school will be considered excused if a student provides documentation from a medical office, court, or funeral. Documentation must be provided to the Student Life office upon arrival at school. Any student that has 3 or more unexcused latenesses will receive an after-school detention.

Students with excessive unexcused absences (20 or more) without a doctor's note will be required to attend summer school. CEC summer school for students with excessive absences will take place during a specified week during the summer months.

Doctor's notes should be submitted to the Student Life office upon the student's return to school.  Doctor's notes will not be accepted retroactively.


All appointments with doctors and dentists are to be made outside school hours. Families and students should consult the school calendar for half days, school holidays or during vacation periods. Should a doctor or dentist appointment necessitate a late arrival, the student must present a certified doctors note when she/he arrives in the Assistant Principal for Student Life Office. Notification to the Assistant Principal for Student Life Office the day before such a situation is required.



Death of an immediate family member (parent/grandparent/guardian/sibling) allows for 5 excused days of absence from school (does not impact perfect attendance). Students must bring a note from a parent or guardian testifying to the relationship to the deceased and the date of the funeral.

When a member of the immediate family of a student dies, a representative group of students are permitted to attend the Mass of Christian Burial. Students wishing to attend the Mass of Christian Burial of a schoolmate's relative must bring a written request from their parent/guardian to the Office for Student Life on the day prior to the funeral (notes brought on the day of the funeral will not be accepted). After the dismissal of the funeral Mass, students are required to return immediately to school.



Family vacations during the school year are discouraged and are not considered excused absences. Teachers are not required to provide work, make-up work, and administer tests and/or quizzes, to give extra help, or adjust their grading schedule to accommodate family vacations during the school year. The school should be notified of such plans well in advance, and each subject teacher consulted as a matter of courtesy. Making up the missed work is solely the responsibility of the student. Students are reminded that excessive absence or lateness may result in the student being assigned to summer school. No trips/vacations should be taken during assessment times, on days scheduled for standardized tests, or on days scheduled for retreats. This is especially true on days on which graduation practices are scheduled.



Conwell-Egan Catholic High School's closing number is 789.

School closings are announced on www.conwell-egan.org and communicated to families through PowerSchool automated phone system and to students, faculty and staff members through CEC email. Updates are also posted across all CEC social media platforms. Parents may also listen to KYW-1060, go online at 6ABC.COM or CBS3.COM.

CEC students who ride public school buses must check with their individual district to determine whether transportation will be provided for CEC students. Information can be found on your district’s website.


Students who are driven to school are to be dropped off in the front of the school building and should enter through the doors adjacent to the cafeteria. No student should enter at the front office door before school starts. Students arriving to school before 7:20 am should report to the cafeteria. Students may proceed to their lockers and then to their first period or homeroom after 7:20 am.
Students are not permitted to leave school grounds from 7:30 am until dismissal. Permission to leave campus must be given by the student's parent/guardian and confirmed by the Assistant Principal for Student Life. Visiting students from other schools are not permitted on campus without permission before school starts, during the day, or after school.
All students should exit the building within 30 minutes of the conclusion of all school events, games or practices. Parents must make arrangements for student pickup to meet this requirement. Any student that leaves the school for an academic early dismissal may not re-enter the school until after 2:15 p.m.


The school provides lockers for the use of the students. Lockers are the property of Conwell-Egan Catholic High School, and the administration reserves the right to open and inspect school property at any time; this includes the lockers in any sports locker room. Students may go to their lockers only before school, during the change of classes, and after school. Going to one's locker between classes can never be used as an excuse for being late for class.
Students must use their assigned locker; they may not share a locker with another student. Lockers must be locked at all times with an official school lock that must be purchased from the Office for Student Life. The cost of a school-issued lock is $10.00. 
All students are required to place a lock on their designated locker when the school year begins. Any locker that is found unsecured/without a CEC-issued lock will be permanently closed on the second Monday of the school year. Conwell-Egan Catholic is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items from lockers that are not secured with a CEC issued lock.
Any student who tampers with a lock or locker will face disciplinary action. Any contraband or prohibited items found in a locker will be assumed to be the property of the student with whom the locker number is associated.


The elevators in the building are for use by faculty and staff members only. Students who require access to the elevators, for valid medical reasons, must bring a doctor's note to the Office for Student Life in order to gain permission to use the elevator. Any student who uses the elevator without permission will be issued an out-of-bounds violation.


Any student who drives to school will need to park their vehicle in a designated parking space, in the Conwell-Egan Catholic parking lot. Parking permits will be issued to students through the Office for Student Life.

Click here to submit a Parking Permit form.


During the school day, students must obtain a teacher's hall pass or receive an official request slip from one of the offices in order to leave class and travel in the corridor. A student in the corridor without a hall pass will be issued an out-of-bounds violation.


All backpacks must be placed in student lockers before the start of the school day. Backpacks are not permitted to be carried to classes. Students have the opportunity to visit their lockers between classes in order to retrieve necessary academic materials. As a reminder, locker visits are never a valid excuse to be late to class.


All students are required to have a proximity card/school ID card on at all times during school hours. ID cards should be attached to a CEC lanyard and worn around the neck. Students will receive a new photo sticker each year after school pictures have been taken, along with a lanyard and a clear ID cover.
The cost for a replacement proximity card/school ID card is $10 after the first time, and $20 for subsequent replacements. The cost of a new lanyard is $3. The cost of a replacement plastic ID cover is $3. These items are available for purchase in the Office for Student Life.
Students who are not wearing a proper ID will be issued an after-school detention.


Food is not permitted outside of the cafeteria, with the exception of students with a medical exemption on file or are working in a classroom, supervised by an adult, during their lunch period. Even then, the decision to allow food in the classroom is at the discretion of the teacher.
Gum-chewing is not permitted in school. Students who are found to be chewing gum will be issued an after-school detention.
Students are permitted to carry a water bottle throughout the school day. Students may refill their water bottle between classes only. Any student who is distracted by the water bottle will lose the privilege to carry one outside of the cafeteria.


Students must have their CEC issued device available each day for use in the classroom. Cell phones will not serve as an alternative device during class.
CEC is not responsible for the irreparable damage, theft or misplacement of a CEC issued device. Insurance is offered on all devices. It is the responsibility of the student to have the appropriate device available each day during their time at CEC.

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