International Students

Conwell-Egan Catholic partners with CSIET certified agencies to promote global education within our local community.

International students may live on campus at Conwell-Egan Catholic High School in the St. Anthony International Student Residence Hall. CEC also welcomes students through partner organizations that facilitate homestay experiences.

Admissions Process for International Students

The first step in the admissions process is to complete an online application to CEC and upload all necessary documents. Students must reside with a biological relative or seek representation with a CSIET-approved agency.

  • Applicants for 9th grade should send 7th & 8th grade results
  • Applicants for 10th grade should send 9th grade results
  • Applicants for 11th Grade should send 9th & 10th grade results
  • Applicants for 12th Grade should send 9th, 10th & 11th grade results and TOEFL score

Please note: the Archdiocese of Philadelphia requires that students must come to the US with a CSIET approved agency or they must live with a blood relative (this relationship must be notarized).

International Student Support Staff

Janet Dollard

Students will be notified of their acceptance upon review of their academic records, student interviews, and an assessment of their listening, reading, and writing skills.

CEC currently partners with the following organizations to facilitate homestay in the US, but students may choose to work with any CSIET approved agency of their choosing.

AnB Education

Learn more about AnB Education, here:

Nacel Open Door

For more information on Nacel Open Door, please visit

Student Newsletters:

International Students in Washington D.C.
International Students at an event
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Students from Around the Globe

At CEC, students from around the corner and around the globe quickly become immersed in the school's academic, extracurricular, and social life. CEC seeks students who are academically motivated, curious, and actively involved in activities in and out of their school. We welcome students to apply to CEC whether they wish to graduate from our school or enjoy a one-year enrichment experience.

For more information on international student admissions, please contact the Admissions Office at 215-945-6200 Ext. 410 or 405.

Contact Admissions

Contact Admissions
Contact Michelle Delfin ('98), Director of Admissions & Retention, with any questions.
215.945.6200 ext. 405
Contact Anthony Micalizzi, Director of Enrollment Management, with any questions.
215.945.6200 Ext. 410
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