Conwell-Egan Catholic High School proudly prepares you to be leader at the college and career level through a rigorous, traditional academic program. Teaching and learning at CEC are significantly transformed by our wireless, one-to-one student program.

We are all aware "technology" is ubiquitous; not only in our culture but in most cultures around the world. As a result, we must educate and prepare our students to be citizens of the world with the ethics, knowledge, and skills necessary to be successful in our globally connected world.

To that end, Conwell-Egan Catholic High School has a wireless campus, which allows our educational community to be globally connected.

At CEC we recognize that just as technology has evolved over time, so has the way our faculty and students prefer to learn. Some may be visual learners. Others may be auditory, verbal, kinesthetic, logical, social, solitary, or any combination. In order to accommodate these varied learning styles, we supply each student with a device that will allow them to learn the way they learn best.

"We must remember that while it is important to incorporate technology into the educational process, technology is only a tool. But used responsibly, it is a tool that can support and enhance learning not only in the classroom but anywhere and at any time."

Students will use their device in every class as:

  • A medium for direct interaction with the learning process
  • A means of productive collaboration with their teachers and classmates
  • A helpful organizational tool
  • A vehicle for research
  • A tool for completing and submitting assignments and tests
Students working on iPads

FAQ's about the iPad Initiative

Will all CEC students be required to have a device?


My child already has a personal device. Do I need to purchase a new one?

Your child may use the device as long as it meets the specifications. CEC will not be responsible for any loss or damage to a personal device brought into school. Furthermore, CEC will not install any required applications purchased by the school onto a personal device. It is strongly recommended that your child use the school-issued device.

Is there anything else that I need to purchase with the device?

CEC strongly recommends that you purchase a case to protect your child's device from accidental damage.

What will the school do if my child's device is damaged or stolen?

Each student is responsible for his/her device. As with any personal item of value, students are told to lock these items in a school locker and not give the combination out to anyone or keep their valuables with them. In addition, an option to purchase third party insurance (with deductible) that a CEC-issued device against accidental damage or theft is made available prior to the start of each school year. Students/families are responsible for the deductible or the full replacement cost of the device in the event of damage/loss.

Will families be responsible for buying apps used in class or will the school?

The school will provide basic required apps to all students. Any additional apps are the responsibility of the student/family.

Will there be any training for my student on how to use the device?

Yes, during the first week of school.

Will the school block students from using certain apps or websites?

If a student has an issue accessing the wireless network, the IT Department will help troubleshoot. If it's a hardware/software issue, it will be up to the student to resolve. Certain websites or applications may be blocked in order to adhere to COPA (Child Online Protection Act), CIPA (Children's Internet Protection Act), or Archdiocesan guidelines.

Will CEC install updates on the device?

No, it will be the responsibility of the student to update their own devices.

Contact Director of IT

CEC Shield
Contact Mr. Chuck Ginter, Director of IT, with any questions.
215.945.6200 ext. 419

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