Conwell-Egan Catholic High School

We encourage you to contact any of the various departments with questions or concerns. Not sure which department to contact? Call our main line, and one of our staff members will direct your call accordingly, ensuring your questions get answered quickly and efficiently.

Conwell-Egan Catholic High School 

611 Wistar Road
Fairless Hills, PA 19030 


General inquiries:

Contact CEC - 215.945.6200

  • Finance
    Ms. Mary Fitzgerald, ext. 417
  • Admissions & Enroll
    Mr. Anthony Micazlizzi, ext. 410
  • Mrs. Michelle Delfin '98, ext. 405                    
  • Art Office
    Chair: Mrs. Melissa Schiavone
  • Athletics
    Mr. Patrick Donlen '74, ext. 418
    Mr. Mike Miller, ext 421
  • Academic Affairs
    ext. 403
  • Student Life
    Mr. Chris DiLeonardo, ext. 408 
  • Business
    Chair: Deacon Ed Morris, ext.  434
  • IT Department
    Mr. Anthony Verduci, ext. 419
  • Advancement
    Mr. William Burns '73, ext. 415
  • Development
    Mrs. Stephanie Marriott, ext. 416
  • English Office
    Chair: Mrs. Kristin Kraunelis, ext. 433
  • Guidance Office
    Mrs. Jenny Diamond, ext. 411
  • Language Office
    Chair: Mrs. Diane Schuler , ext. 437
  • Main Office
    Mrs. Roe Stradling, ext. 401
  • Maintenance Office
    Ken Stein, Ext. 422
  • Mathematics Office
    Chair: Ms. Christine Hanley, ext. 438
  • Music & Arts Department
    Music Chair: Mr. Thomas Kuchler, ext. 423
  • Art Chair: Melissa Schiavone, ext. 423
  • Nurse's Office
    Ms. Kathy Mahoney, ext. 441
  • President's Office
    Mr. Matthew Fischer, ext. 401
  • Principal's Office
    Mr. Josh Bower, ext. 404
  • Physical Education Office
    Mr. Timothy Slater '96, ext. 432
  • School Ministry Office
    Mr. Matthew Smith, ext. 420
  • Science Office
    Chair: Mrs. Kathleen Fitzpatrick '80, ext. 431
  • Social Studies Office
    Chair: Mr. Thomas McElhenny, ext. 430
  • Theology Office
    Chair: Mr. Evan Ortiz, ext. 439
  • Tuition
    Mrs. Sandy Stricker, ext. 443
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