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We are pleased to share our finalized reopening plan, and the details of several significant aspects of the plan can be found here. These include an overview of the hybrid instructional model, health and wellness measures, and athletics/student life.
Together, we are facing one of the most challenging circumstances we’ve ever encountered, and the key to our success will be the support and cooperation of the entire CEC community. While we realize there are uncertainties ahead, we look forward to a year full of growth and discovery. Thank you in advance for doing your part to help ensure the safety of all.

Reopening Video

Ensure the health and safety of our school community while continuing to provide an innovative and Catholic values-based educational experience in accordance with CDC and PA Department of Health Guidelines. 

Pandemic Team
Coordinator:  Barry Roxberry
Academics:  Josh Bower
Athletics:  Patrick Donlen
Faculty:  Evan Ortiz, Tom McElhenny, Kristen Kraunelis, Amanda Kirby
Parents:  Susan DiLisio
Board of Limited Jurisdiction:  Joseph Adler

Instructional Approach:  If a traditional school schedule is not permitted come September, students will attend school on an alternating day schedule, which will limit class sizes to a maximum of 17 students. Students will be designated to Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday while alternating Fridays.


  • Desks will have a minimum of six-feet spacing in all directions
  • Maximum class size will be 17
  • PA Department of Health guidelines will be followed regarding masks or face shields​


  • Masks will be required at all times for teachers and students, aside for when students are seated at their individual desks in the cafeteria.


  • Individual desks will be used for seating in the cafeteria with a minimum of six-feet spacing in all directions
  • Students will wear masks when not seated
  • Walking paths will be designated to limit traffic and direct interaction

Class changes

  • Hallways and stairwells will be designated as one-way to limit interaction in the hallway
  • Staff members will be used to monitor hallways to help enforce social distancing guidelines​


  • All students will be provided face shields
  • Class will be conducted in the Performing Arts Center to allow for significant social distancing


  • Signage will be posted throughout hallways, offices, classrooms, and the cafeteria to remind students of social distancing and mask guidelines. Hand-washing signage will be posted in bathrooms.

Physical Education

  • Physical Education will not take place during the first semester. All students enrolled in the Health/PE course will take the Health portion during semester one.


Sharing of Materials

  • Students will not be permitted to share electronic devices.
  • Sharing of writing materials, books, etc. will be discouraged and monitored by staff.


  • Students will be expected to follow guidelines set by local districts for bussing.
  • Carpooling is not encouraged
  • Social distancing guidelines will be followed when using contracted transportation services.


  • All ventilations systems have been inspected and will be upgraded by September 2020
  • Windows will be opened whenever practical

Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • An additional maintenance person has been added to the day-time staff to help provide ongoing cleaning/disinfecting of high-touch areas and bathrooms.
  • Electrostatic disinfecting process will occur nightly


  • Hand sanitizer stations will be added to all classrooms, bathrooms, and offices
  • Please click here to see the full Athletics Health & Safety Plan (via the Archdiocese of Philadelphia)
  • As a general guideline, student athletes will be screened prior to every practice or game and follow protocols regarding physical distancing and the use of face coverings.
  • The use of certain facilities such as locker rooms may be limited and weight rooms will operate at reduced capacity with students taking care to wipe down equipment between each use. Students will be provided with wipes and sanitizing spray. Teams will be encouraged to come dressed for practices and games to limit the use of the locker room. Any shared equipment must be wiped down between uses. Students will be provided with wipes and sanitizing spray.
  • Athletic areas will have extra cleaning and sanitation and healthy routines such as hand washing and use of hand sanitizer will be encouraged.
  • Spectators are not permitted to attend practices and are subject to state guidelines regarding crowd size for all games whether the event is indoor or outdoor.
  • Student athletes will be instructed not to have any unnecessary contact such as high fives, handshakes, and fist bumps.
  • School transportation of student athletes will employ social distancing and carpooling of anyone except for immediate family members is strongly discouraged.
  • Schools will be encouraged to adjust their playing schedules when possible in an effort to reduce travel, limit large gatherings, and mitigate risk.


  • CEC will pursue virtual activities and events in lieu of field trips, large student assemblies, large performances, and school-wide parent meetings. Many student activities will be able to continue as before, but with the standard precautions of social distancing, wearing face coverings, and practicing good hygiene.
  • All students and staff should check their health before coming to school.
  • Temperature will be checked upon entrance daily for all students.
  • Students, staff, or visitors who become sick will be isolated in rooms 101 and 103.
  • Students or staff who test positive for COVID-19 with symptoms may return after 3 days with no fever; and respiratory symptoms have improved; and it’s been at least 10 days since symptoms first appeared; and it’s been at least 10 days have passed since testing.
  • COVID-19 cases are reported to the Bucks County Department of Health
  • At-risk students will be provided the opportunity to learn remotely until it is safe for them to return to school.
  • Reopening and Safety Plans will be posted to the CEC website and updated accordingly.
  • COVID-19 health and safety orientations sessions will be held for students, parents, faculty, and staff before students return to school in September.
  • Students, parents, faculty, and staff will receive weekly updates beginning in September.
  • Communication regarding any positive cases in the CEC community will come through the principal’s office under the guidance of the Office of Catholic Education and the Bucks County Department of Health. 

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