Retreats are a time away from the busyness of life to focus on oneself, others, and God. Knowing how crucial it is to take a step back and reflect on our lives, each student makes a retreat once a year with their grade to incorporate their faith into their life.

At Conwell-Egan Catholic High School, we find it essential for each class to have a retreat day throughout the school year. These says are mandatory for each student. If a senior or junior student misses the retreat, they will not be able to participate in Senior or Junior prom until they meet the requirement. If first- and second-year students miss the retreat, they will not be able to participate in the spring fling. If a student misses thier retreat they will have the option to make it up. There are no excuses why a student cannot participate in these retreats. Lastly, Seniors are available to take part in Kairos XXXIV & XXXV. If they sign up for Kairos, these students will be excused from the Senior Retreat on October 12. If a junior signs up for the second Kairos in March in order to be a leader, they will be excused from the Junior Retreat on April 5. Lastly, if any student participates in the NCYC retreat on November 19th, you are also excused from your specific retreat day.

-Wednesday, October 12- Senior Retreat (Dismissal 12:00 pm)
-Saturday, November 19- NCYC Retreat held at Immaculata University. (If any student who is a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior takes part in this retreat, they are excused from the other retreat days)
-Monday, April 3- Freshman Retreat (Dismissal 12:00 pm)
-Tuesday, April 4- Sophomore Retreat (Dismissal 12:00 pm)
-Wednesday, April 5- Junior Retreat (Dismissal 12:00 pm)

Kairos Retreats:
-October 18-21 (Open to Seniors)- Remember if you go on this Kairos, seniros do not have to participate on the senior retreat October 12!
-March 14-17 (Open to Juniors and Seniors)

Students on a retreat

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Father Kyle Adamczyk
Contact Father Kyle Adamczyk, Campus Minister, with any questions.
215-945-6200 ext. 446

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