Procedure for Re-Entry After Crisis or Mental Health Emergency Issue

Some students may be out of school for a crisis or mental health emergency. If a student is found to be a danger to him/herself or others the counselor will refer the student out for appropriate evaluation. The student will be kept in the counselor's office until a parent or guardian can pick the student up. The student will not be permitted to return to school until they have received an evaluation by a mental health professional. If the result of the evaluation is that the student is no longer a danger to themselves or others then a note, on letterhead, from the evaluating licensed mental health professional must be provided. (It is not sufficient to have a note stating that the student was seen on a particular date.) The counselor will provide a sheet with the details regarding the required note before the student leaves the building. Once the professional letter has been obtained, the student and parent will meet with the Director of School Counseling Services as well as an administrator. At this meeting a plan for the student's well-being going forward will be discussed, the note will be presented, and the counselor will ask the family to sign a release of information permitting the counselor to call to check the progress of the student in relation to the identified issue.

Crisis Resources:

Bucks County Children’s Crisis Support

Suicide Prevention Hotlines-Lower Bucks

Lenape Valley Foundation at Lower Bucks Hospital

Emergencies-Please call 911.

Contact the Counseling Center

Jenny Diamond
Contact Mrs. Jenny Diamond, Director of Counseling, with any questions.
215-945-6200 Ext. 412
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