Scholarship Exam

Students in the Class of 2029 wishing to be considered for academic scholarship must sit for the fall Scholarship Exam.

The Eighth Grade Scholarship Exam is the basis for awarding CEC Academic Scholarships. Students may sit for one of the exam dates listed below.

Fall Scholarship Exam

For 8th Graders in Archdiocesan Grade Schools:

  • 8th grade students will not have to pre-register for the test and will take the HSPT Test in their local school building in September (date TBD).
  • Students will take the HSPT one (1) time and send their test scores to up to three (3) AOP High Schools for scholarship awarding review purposes.
  • Students will list "Conwell-Egan" as a school to receive their results and write in our code: 016
  • Testing is free to all students

For 8th Graders in Public, Private, or Charter Schools:

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Office of Admissions at any time.

Contact Admissions

Contact Admissions
Contact Michelle Delfin ('98), Director of Admissions & Retention, with any questions.
215.945.6200 ext. 405
Contact Anthony Micalizzi, Director of Enrollment Management, with any questions.
215.945.6200 Ext. 410
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