Spirit Night

Spirit Night is an almost entirely student-run activity that brings the student population together in competition.

Each year, the students prepare for months, honing their skills to eventually show them off over three wild and crazy nights.  From January to April, the students choreograph dances, build giant themed murals, design intricate costumes, cut music, organize skits and invent fun and challenging games.  All of this work culminates in three amazing nights at the end of April.  The students perform their hearts out and are judged on everything from choreography to execution, sportsmanship to creativity, and artistic vision to athletic achievement.  And every year, the stands are full - with parents, friends, and alumni, who are eager to both show their support and share in the memories that are made with each unforgettable performance!

This Year's Theme
Board Games!

Blue - Melina Rallis and Bob Phinn
White - Elaina Fiduccia and Alex Bevan

For more information on Spirit Night, there will be a parents and volunteer information session in December 2018. Time and Date will be determined closer to the event.

"Spirit Night is one of CEC's longest running traditions. The display of student creativity and school spirit is unmatched. It is truly a one of a kind event that sets CEC apart from all the rest! You have to see it for yourself!"

Contact Information

Maggie Markmann
Contact Maggie Markmann, Assistant Principal for Student Life, with any questions.
215.945.6200 ext. 408 / 409

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